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Barin Cardenas – Lucas Silva

The Silva’s passion for family yachting has driven them to own dozens of vessels, from center consoles to catamarans and on to superyachts. This passion led Lucas Silva on a journey to nearly every continent, discovering a wide range of new builds for his family. Along the way, he was introduced to industry veteran Barin Cardenas, who having been a part of dozens of new builds, also shared the Silvas’ affinity for yacht design and new construction.

Lucas and Barin would build two yachts together, and win design awards for each [yacht], before turning their sights onto the next challenge. The Silva’s were in need of megayacht flexible enough to bring the entire family together at one time, and be both accessible & entertaining for all age groups.
So what originally began as a family megayacht project, eventually evolved into The PRIME Megayacht Platform.

At PRIME, Lucas Silva serves as the resident Yacht Owner’s perspective, while Barin Cardenas and his team at The New Yachts Company create and manage PRIME’s market strategy. Lucas and Barin’s extensive experience and shared passion is the driving force behind PRIME’s innovation and constant evolution.

“We achieved the purpose of bringing the family together on a yacht that offers multiple experiences, so we no longer have to rely on tenders or toys for entertainment.

Azure’s engineering assured a mechanically-sound platform, allowing us to focus on our onboard experience.” – Lucas Silva


Daan Balk, Bloemsma Yachts.

For seven generations, the historic Balk Shipyard has consistently delivered premium yacht construction in The Netherlands.

Now at the helm of Bloemsma Yachts, these award-winning Master Builders further cement their position in the luxury yacht market as an integral part of the PRIME Build Team.

“Construction of the [PRIME] platform has technical challenges that have to be respected. Noise and vibrations under the cabins must be neutralized at the source, exhaust location and overboards are not the norm…areas like this require some ingenuity, but this is the fun part for us.”

“It is important for us to assure owners of Bloemsma Yachts’ premium build standards, reliability and serviceability for all our new builds. We proudly stand 100% behind our work.”

Erik Spek, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture

Based in the heart of the Dutch yachting industry, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture has extensive experience in yacht design, naval architecture and engineering.

Many of the firm’s projects have been awarded for their aesthetic design, superb naval architecture and innovative solutions. Azure’s portfolio includes numerous renowned new build superyacht projects in lengths ranging from 30 to 160 metres.

Key players in the yacht building industry praise Azure’s continuous search for perfection and eye for detail.

On The PRIME Megayacht Platform:

“PRIME offers a full-displacement 499GT motoryacht whose length and all-aluminum construction replicates the comfort and hydrodynamics of large, sleek sailing yachts.”
– Erik Spek


Luiz de Basto, DeBasto Designs


“The fact that we have a set platform, can only be a source of creativity, not a limitation. If you have well-defined parameters, then you can be very creative.”

Architect / Yacht Designer and President at Debasto Designs, Luiz de Basto has been involved in yacht design for three decades, designing more than 250 yachts with over 40 shipyards for clients in 15 countries.

DeBasto Designs is a progressive design office based in Miami, an emerging city for international design and art. The firm specializes exclusively in creative and innovative design solutions for luxury yachts, custom, production and commercial boats.

Over the years, DeBasto Designs has been commissioned to design a wide variety of vessels in terms of size, styling and type. Their in-house computer capabilities provide clients and the yards with a full understanding of the development of the project.


“The use of glass is very important, so [PRISMA] has a feeling of modern walk-arounds throughout the boat. So I think the layout is really good.”

[PRISMA] has classic proportions, but a modern feel. I think the owner can come back to this boat and never feel tired of it.”

Bob van den Meiracker, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture.


“[PRIME] is in our minds a revolutionary platform that offers so much space that it creates a 70 meter Yachting experience on a 50 meter yacht. Everywhere you go, you take what’s outside, inside.”


“The design of NEXT is basically a reaction to a great platform [PRIME], the owner’s requirements, and our own desire to create a modern-looking yacht.

NEXT is created for the jet set. It’s a yacht that will excel in any type of metropolitan environment, luxury marinas, etc.

NEXT is also created for pure nature, such as coral reefs, and tropical environments, where you just want to sit at anchor and enjoy everything you see around you. ”


“To really prove a platform like PRME, and after producing a pure design such as NEXT, we felt the need to journey to the opposite side of the spectrum, and create a modern, sporty design.””

Andrew Langton, Reymond Langton


“CALOU is designed with long, elegant flowing lines creating a clean, sharp profile. The surfaces of the yacht are dramatically sculpted, giving beautiful form with softly grading shadows contrasting with sharp contours.”

Established in 2001 by the talented design duo of Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton, both of whom already had over a decade’s experience in the superyacht industry, we are committed to creating designs that are as beautiful as they are functional whilst, at the same time, ensuring our clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded, with projects being delivered on time and on budget. In 2002, Jason Macaree joined the team as a director.

Coming from different creative backgrounds – Pascale gained a Master’s degree in Art History from La Sorbonne, Paris before moving to London to study Interior Design while Andrew and Jason graduated with a BA (Hons) in Transport Design – the team’s individual blend of skills and professional expertise are complementary, resulting in a remarkable and much sought after design team delivering unquestionable quality with superb attention to detail.

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