The Collection


by Azure Yacht Design

“Our goal [with NEXT] was to create a 70-meter experience on a 50-meter yacht. NEXT is designed for the jet set, it will be great in any type of metropolitan environment, luxury marinas, etc. It’s also created for pure nature … places where you just want to sit at anchor and enjoy everything around you.”

-Bob van den Meiracker


by Azure Yacht Design

“To really prove a platform like PRIME, and after producing a pure design such as NEXT, we felt the need to journey to the opposite side of the spectrum, and create a more modern, sporty design.”

-Bob van den Meiracker


by DeBasto Designs

“The fact that we have a set platform, can only be a source of creativity, not a limitation. If you have well-defined parameters, then you can be very creative.”

-Luiz de Basto


by Reymond Langton

“CALOU is designed with long, elegant flowing lines creating a clean, sharp profile. The surfaces of the yacht are dramatically sculpted, giving beautiful form with softly grading shadows contrasting with sharp contours.”

-Andrew Langton

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